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Prayers Concerns for:  5/8-9/21

Sandra Dee Henning- Mark's continued healing & grace. The Dirum Family with their recent losses

Janis Gatzke- Thank you for all the prayers during my illness

Joanne Becke- My mom moves up here to Homestead on the 24th. Prayers for us- mom, Alan, Katie & I

Shirley Dill- Mary (kay) Dill having health problems 

Dawn Wall- Prayers for Kimberly Bremer. Prayers for Norma Hitchens 

Mary James- David's mom's memorial service went well. Prayers for his sister & family for safe travels 

Dante Hines- Prayers for me as my mom got out of the hospital, a friend passed away, my car is in the shop & worried about the cost. Prayers for all my needs, family, friends, future, finances & bills

Dorothy Rash- Prayers for the Heacook family, their precious son. Thank you Pastor Doug & Pastor Kevin for all you do above & beyond call of duty. Also, blessings on Karen Morley & Dawn Wall who are truly appreciated 

Lisa Padgette- Our pastors leading the church. Our government & it's leaders. The faith to help me cut the rope

Danette Napier- Prayers for our country & her leaders. Prayers for our family's new seasons- wedding, job's & health 

Georgeann Potter- heart concerns

Evelyn Hackman- back & hip pain

Bob Black- all around health

Evelyn Hackman, Bob Black


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We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.