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Prayers & Praises for:   11/27-28/21

Barbara Pollard-  Prayers for me & asking the Lord to ease my pain

Antonio & Lareese Jackson- Prayers for my family as we go into this Christmas holiday & another New Year

Mary James- Prayers for a patient that has a foot that will not heal. David having foot issues

Dante Hines- Prayers for me going through things with my dad. Prayers for family, friends, neighbors, my mom & my sisters. God's protection, my health & finances 

Art Gatzke- People in Peru

Nancy Hatfield- Our son-in-law's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Martin, both have covid & father having pneumonia & dehydration 

Dorothy Blodgett- Prayers for my parents health & peace of mind. Those dealing with addiction. Those of the church family praying God knows their struggles. Prayers for us to get paper work & monies needed to save our house. To find work & to keep the faith & stay focused 

Dorothy Rash- Jeanie Benton still not feeling well- dizzy. Encouragement for Mary Ellen Jackson & Evelyn Hackman. Myself having eye appts. this week.
Thank God for a wonderful Thanksgiving. For protecting my son Wayne as a deer hit him on his way to work & thankful that he likes his job


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