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Prayer Concerns for 10/16-17/21

Buddy Hitchens- Pray for salvation & healing touch for Inga H. as she starts dialysis 

Pastor Kevin & Dawn Wall- Kimberly Bremer 

Cheyanne Riddle- Prayers for me & for my health

Dante Hines- Strength for the problems I am going through, peace, health &  protection. Obedience to God in all things. For neighbors, friends & family. My mother Alexis

Mary James- For Laura Sparks in her travels from S. Dakota to N. Carolina after her aunts funeral 

Dorothy Blodgett- Prayers for our marriage to grow stronger in faith. For Angel's  release. My sister Amanda to return to the Lord & for her boyfriend to become a believer. Continued prayers for Bree's C. for his safety & lots of love. My parents pain & their health to be good

Dorothy Rash- Keep Nancy Laird in prayer. My daughter-in-law Diane being sick this past week. Praise that Denton Day Care opened back up. Thank God for a wonderful day spent with my daughter & son-in-law.


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