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Prayer Requests & Praises from the Connect Cards dated 7/25 & 26/20


James Coulby- medical problems


Art & Janis Gatzke- spiritual distress & world peace


Joe & Polly Gladu- Joe's surgery on Monday/kidney stones, Sale of Joe's house next week, Praise the Lord Cheyenne is doing very well,  the stent has gone down in her brain.


Charlotte Wenrich- Thankful for less back pain


Louise Dixon- prayers for my grandson born on July 4th has broken collar bone & son Larry Dixon


Dorothy Rash- Evelyn Hackman's battle with vertigo. Praises God for helping those thru surgery

 for encouragement & wisdom thru business affairs.


Pearl Johnson- vehicle issues, mental health & drug abuse awareness. Family members to 

                          make better decisions


Mary Ann Delgado- prayers for homeless men & women fallen on hard times


Dante Hines- prayers for my financial situation, job & my boss, Pastor Larry, family & friends. All

                      communities. That God intercedes in my life to completely take out the bad and 

                      make it all good.