Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission & The Vision

Welcome to Greater Impact.  We are a growing, vibrant community of believers based in Greensboro Maryland. As we come together to “Impact Caroline County and beyond with the love of Christ for eternal gain” we are ever growing and changing daily. 
We believe that we are in this together so we honor our leadership and other partners while protecting unity at all costs.  We do this by  living in circles not rows.
We are having the time of our lives while actively serving and attending consistently, and inviting everyone we know to join us.
We believe that we are attempting the impossible which requires us to have courageous faith, pray audacious prayers, and practice outrageous generosity with all of our resources.
We know that we are part of a bigger story, believing the best for Caroline County and beyond, know that our church is part of the Wesleyan Church and understanding that it is not about us.
We are giving our best, passing it on and know that our work will never be finished.

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